Poly Property Guangzhou is a subsidiary of Shanghai Poly Property Hotel Management Group. The company is responsible for high-end property, investment, operation and management project for 5-star hotels in south China. Centered in Guangzhou, its market extends to Sichuan, Hubei and other provinces. It provides management service for the CITIC Plaza, Guangdong TV Center, Guangdong Broadcasting Center, Southern Power Grid Communication Building and Wuhan Poly Plaza. 

Shanghai Poly Property Hotel Management Group (www.poly-pm.com) was established in 1996. Under China Poly Group Corporation, it is a national-level property management company. It is also one of the standing council companies of CPMI.

Poly Property Guangzhou has been responsible for all-round management of the CITIC Plaza. Upholding the principles of “process, initiative, warm and efficient” and “safe, environmental-friendly and comforting”, the company has an elite group and a scientific management system that ready to serve, pursuing rigorous, practical and improving service. Since 2011, the company has promoted the high-end property management of Poly Property Group by leading professional management mode in office building across the nation. In the past decade, it has become a comprehensive and professional management service company thanks to its steady growth and rich experiences. It has gained many honors and prizes that are recognized by the industry. Therefore it could maintain and increase the value of the property of its clients. 

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