Building Structure

The CITIC Plaza is a pure concrete building decorated with US superior glass curtain walls on the exterior wall. 

Safe and Environment-friendly

In order to ensure its safety and daily operation, the CITIC Plaza applies security facilities including automatic alarm system, spray system, hydrant system, pressured exhauster, accident broadcaster and carbon dioxide extinguishing system.
The shelters are located in the 27th, 47th and 67th floors of the office building, as well as unit 1, 22th floor in the apartments. All of the shelters are equipped perfect security and alarm systems to safeguard our clients. 

Large Equipment

The Plaza imported power supply equipment from Germany and Japan, 6 sets of power generator and back-up source from Britain, 12 Carrier central conditioners from America and 56 Hitachi express elevators from Japan. Other imported equipment includes fiber optic communication, Johnson’s automotive fire alarming system and BAS automotive building management system.

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